Beauty Therapist and Skin Specialist, Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty

Sarah Hurst is the director of Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty and qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1988. Since then Sarah has consistently upgraded her skills to the highest of standards and ensured that he knowledge of the industry is up to date.

We caught up with Sarah to ask her a few questions:

How has Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty evolved?

After finishing college I worked in a high profile chain of salons in London before taking the brave step of setting up on my own at the age of 19. Initially I did mobile work but later set up in a spare room in my home in Brighton. This worked well around my family commitments. However I outgrew this as my family has been growing up and my business expanded and therefore I set up Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio in December 2008. This was hugely successful and with only 2 treatment rooms it was time to expand in early 2015.  We therefore moved to a local premises, fitted it out to a high standard, have 4 treatment rooms and rebranded as Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty in order to focus on the specialised skin treatments that we love so much!

Why do you love the Beauty Industry so much?

It’s an amazing industry and so people focused.  I could never have sat in an office all day!  It isn’t about vanity, it’s about improving confidence so that your true personality can shine through.  Certain cosmetic conditions can massively effect self esteem.  The industry is constantly evolving.  I also love providing an amazing exerience to our clients. I love learning so it’s great to attend training courses to increase and improve our skills and knowledge and provide new, ever more effective treatments.

How do you keep up to date with the changing trends in the beauty industry?

Oh, numerous ways including reading professional magazines, attending exhibitions and putting myself through lots of training courses.  I have also taught at Sussex Downs College in Lewes, focusing mainly on electrolysis, body massage and anatomy and physiology.

What does the future hold for Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty?

We have expanded rapidly even with the current economic climate. Having only just relocated I am just excited to grow this new business.  Having several new therapists on board I am always looking at ways to expand their roles and providing innovative treatments, so as for the long term future?  Watch this space……….

I feel entirely safe and confident with Sarah. She is a consummate professional with impressive knowledge, skills and high standards which she continuously works to improve. She mixes this with strong empathy and understanding which gives reassurance as well as a really first class personalised service. The studio has a nice feel of intimacy. It’s welcoming and relaxed – but again, with an attention to detail that shows the care and professionalism underpinning it. A nice combination of efficient and effective treatment with a very friendly face!
— Heather Mayall, Hove

NB: The prices throughout the website reflect those of our excellent Beauty Therapists.  If you would like to consult with Sarah herself then please enquire for prices.