Massage is a powerful therapy that helps us both physically and mentally.  We offer a range of different massage therapies and can personalise any treatment to ensure that it provides you with the results you are seeking from your treatment, from relaxation to back pain.

Swedish Massage

If you are looking for the best Swedish Massage in Brighton then look no further. Our Swedish Massage therapy is client led and upon consultation we will find out your preferred massage pressure and any specific areas you would like us to target to ensure maximum benefit and satisfaction from your more

Holistic Medical Massage

If you are looking for more to your massage than a full body Swedish, then a Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty massage is just for you.  Sarah and Charly are trained in Holistic Medical Massage through Jing advanced massage training, and therefore incorporates remedial techniques to reduce specific pain problems. We use a ‘listening touch’ more


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a relatively recent treatment in the UK , but is now one of the most popular – in the treatment rooms and in the media. In India however, it’s been going on for centuries. Babies are massaged from birth and children continue to be massaged regularly until the age of six, when they are also taught more


Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Fusion Massage is the ultimate therapy. The wonderful stones introduce heat which can provide a much deeper sense of relaxation as well as being extremely therapeutic. By massaging with these warm, basalt stones it can increase energy, mobility and flexibility and decrease pain and tension such more


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful treatment that is completely safe given by a therapist qualified in this field of work.  It has many benefits and can provide support at a time when the body is going through a great number of changes.The benefits include, stress reduction and relaxation, emotional support, circulatory more

Celluma LED Light Therapy Pain Management

We now offer Celluma LED Light Therapy for pain management. It works by increasing micro-circulation and decreasing arthritic and joint pain, muscle spasm and muscle and joint…read more