Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty uses the Nailtiques range of nail care products in manicure treatments.

We love the Nailtiques formulas as they work to bond the nail layers together, building a strong foundation whilst the combination of proteins and conditioners provide additional nourishment.  With regular use, they really do make a difference to your nails.

There are different formulas depending on the condition of your nails.  They can assist with weak, splitting, dry and nails recovering from extensions

In the salon, we usually use one of the following three formulas depending on the condition of your nail.

  • Protein 1 – maintaining healthy nails
  • Protein 2 – strengthening weak/peeling nails
  • Protein 3 – conditioning dry/brittle nails

The salon treatment proteins are highly recommended to continue their use at home, as this is going to provide the best results.

Artistic Gel Manicure

"An innovation in colour", Artistic gel's is the preferred gel manicure product amongst celebrities.  The core of the brand is an exceptional colour range with lasting results!

Artistic Gel polish does not chip, peel, flake or smudge!! It can give glamorous nails without and fuss for up to 3 weeks depending on how you look after them!

The Gel Manicure system is fast becoming more popular than manicures as everyone loves the fact that the varnish lasts so long!

What happens during treatment?

The nails are prepared by filing and pushing back the cuticles.  No water is used as we do not want this penetrate the nail plate.  The nail plate is very lightly buffed and cleansed.  A nail primer is applied to the nail plate, which helps the gel to bond.  A gel base coat, 2 layers of gel colour and a top coat are applied and all cured under a LED lamp.  The nails are dry straight away and you are able to leave without the risk of smudging them!


from £28

File and polish
from £15

Luxury Manicure
from £38

Gel Manicure
from £35

Gel Removal (without reapplication with mini nail treatment)
from £18

Gel removal with reappllcation
from £10