Often the most neglected part of the body, yet we ought to take special care of our hands and feet as they work hard.  Go on, give them a treat.

Manicure Treatments

Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty uses the Nailtiques range of nail care products in manicure treatments. We love the Nailtiques formulas as they work to bond the nail layers together, building a strong foundation whilst the combination of proteins and conditioners provide additional nourishment.  With regular use, they really do make a difference to...read more

Pedicure Treatments

Your feet need care and attention all year round to keep them in tip top condition and looking fantastic. Good quality foot care is essential in winter when your feet barely see the light of day, and in summer, when they are exposed to the elements and damaging sun. At Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty a pedicure ensures feet are fully exfoliated...read more