Indian head massage is a relatively recent treatment in the UK , but is now one of the most popular – in the treatment rooms and in the media. In India however, it’s been going on for centuries. Babies are massaged from birth and children continue to be massaged regularly until the age of six, when they are also taught to massage. Massages between mothers and daughters traditionally involve the hair and scalp, where oils such as coconut are used, and left in the hair for a day to strengthen and enrich it.

Indian Head Massage in the UK has been adapted from a number of Indian massage techniques. Practitioners have found both work through clothes and work with oils very effective in combating stress, tension, headaches, anxiety and insomnia.

A Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty Indian Head Massage concentrates on the upper back, neck, head and face. As well as all the benefits above, this rejuvenating massage can reduce ‘puffy’ skin under the eyes and ‘lift’ a tired face. This massage is practised in the sitting position and patients can remain fully clothed if preferred. The use of essential oils is optional, but turns this into a really luxurious experience.


Indian Head Massage
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