Electrolysis is a progressive way to permanently treat unwanted hair. Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty uses the Apilus® machine. Apilus® offers advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of hair removal.   Apilus® delivers comfortable treatments as well as much more rapid permanent results than any other hair removal technique. TheApilus® is able to deliver controlled current, using pulses as short as one-thousandth of a second into the hair follicle. This make it more effective and comfortable than traditional electrolysis.  Any area can be treated for unwanted hair.

For each treatment a new sterile disposable needle is used. We uses gold or insulated needles as standard which allows for the current to be lowered and causes less irritation of the skin.

18 months ago I was deeply depressed by facial hair, both the feel and appearance of a stubbly chin. I was also quite apprehensive about the process. Sarah and Sophie have done wonders. From initial 45 minute sessions weekly, I now have a nearly smooth skin needing only a fortnightly ‘tidy up’ of 15/20 mins. It is quite a transformation! The pace and level of treatment has been entirely down to me, and I have really valued Sarah’s and Sophie’s flexibility in understanding my needs and expectations. I now look forward to treatment sessions, and am wondering what to do next!
— Heather Mayall, Hove

Electrolysis – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose electrolysis over laser?

Electrolysis is the only proven method of removing hair permanently. Laser can only claim permanent hair reduction. It works on all hair colours whilst laser only works on dark hair. Often people who have had laser treatment still need electrolysis to finish off treatment as it can pick out individual hairs.

Does it hurt?

Because Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty uses the Apilus machine, you have the most comfortable electrolysis treatment available. We’re not going to lie and say that it’s pain free, but we can adapt the treatment to keep it within your own tolerance levels whilst maintaining effectiveness

How many treatments will I require?

This is one of the most asked questions and one that can’t be given an accurate answer. It depends on the amount of hair, frequency of the treatments, budget constraints, and medical history. Patience is required, but results will be achieved.

I’ve been told that electrolysis doesn’t work – is this true?

Definitely not! Done correctly it really is an amazing treatment that is very successful. Those people who say this have possibly not had enough treatments or had a poor therapist. We are highly experienced and it is a specialism of the salon!

What makes Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty the salon to go to for electrolysis treatment?

Sarah has over 30 years experience, and the team also have many years of experience at this treatment. Sarah has also taught the subject in a local college. 40% of clients who visit the salon require electrolysis. It really is a speciality.

I am a male to female transsexual and require treatment to remove my facial hair and also the hair from my genitals, is this something that you can offer me?

Yes. We have several transsexual clients that consult with us. For the genital area we will work with your surgeon to clarify the exact area requiring treatment and are often recommended by several NHS trusts as the salon locally to visit for this type of work.

I am female to male transsexual and require treatment on my arm and sometimes other areas to remove hair prior to surgery, is this something that you can offer me?

Yes, we have several transsexual clients who we have successfully treated for hair removal in these areas prior to surgery.  It can often be funded by the NHS as a necessary treatment prior to surgery.


Electrolysis Consultation
from £10

Electrolysis 10 mins
from £22

Electrolysis  15 mins
from £29

Electrolysis 20 mins
from £36

Electrolysis 30 mins
from £49

Electrolysis 45 mins
from £72

Electrolysis 60 mins
from £92.50

This is Rachel that used to come for electrolysis on my chin. Just before I moved to London, I asked Sophie’s advice for how to find somewhere new here. I wish I’d written it down, as I’m really struggling. The couple of places I’ve tried have made me even more appreciative of the high quality, good value service that you provide. I wish I could find somewhere like you in London!
The places I’ve tried have used cheap-looking machines with a continuous current that leaves my chin in a bit of a state for a few days afterwards.
— Rachel