What is the difference between female Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing?

Waxing has developed over the years.  Back in the 80’s when Sarah first qualified, all clients wanted was a tidy up round the bikini line area.  Now more and more clients are requesting more extreme waxing in their efforts to become hair free.  If you are thinking of embarking down the line of an ‘intimate’ wax, their are plenty of terms being used to describe the various different waxing styles that you can embrace.  How do you know which one is right for you?

It really does depend on your own preference, and there is no right or wrongs here.  We have developed some images to try and portray the different styles, but you should always consult with your therapist about what you are after.  Always expect to receive a thorough consultation and the start of your treatment, and ask whatever questions you need to in order to ensure that you are going to get exactly what you are seeking.

Typically a Hollywood wax takes all the hair off from the pubic mound, labial and buttock cheek and crack area.  A Brazilian wax is actually very similar, however it does leave a small ‘strip’ over the pubic mound.  Now a strip isn’t for everyone, and we have seen more people requesting that this a more triangular rather than a strip to make it a little more natural.  This is perfectly fine.  Not one style suits all, this is your pubic area and you should be able to have it ‘designed’ anyway you choose.  You can have as much or as little hair as you want removed form whatever areas.

On a final note, when looking for a therapist for your waxing procedure please check that they have been trained in intimate waxing procedures and that the salon uses hot or peelable wax.  NEVER accept strip wax on these delicate parts!  Also ensure their hygiene standards are good.  A new spatula should be used for each and every application, and not put back into the pot.  Would you want wax on you that you know had been near someone else's ‘bits’?

Here at our salon in Brighton we offer a full range of female waxing services including the Brazilian and Hollywood. For more details and our current price list click on link below.