The Top Five Baby Shower Gifts for the Exhausted Mum To Be

Everyone loves buying gifts for a new baby, and a baby shower invite is the perfect excuse to go shopping for cute baby clothes, toys, attractive accessories and homewares for the nursery.

However, if truth be told, what most mums-to-be would secretly prefer, are items that make life that bit easier between the end of their pregnancy and the birth. Here are our top five baby shower gifts for the exhausted mum to be; 

  1.  A Pregnancy Massage A specialist pregnancy massage is a luxury that most women wouldn't dream of indulging in off their own backs, which makes it all the more special a gift to receive.
  2. A Professional House Clean Most women can barely stand up by the latter part of their pregnancy, so what better gift to take away the stress of their growing to do list than a professional house clean. This could be used the week before they go into hospital or even better while they are in hospital so they are sure to bring home their bundle of joy to a spotless, squeaky clean home!
  3. A Luxury Pedicure What better treat before going into hospital than a luxury pedicure. Swollen, sore feet are usually inevitable, so this is a lovely pamper gift where the mum-to-be can have her feet massaged and her toenails painted just in time for labor and delivery!
  4. A Home Delivery Recipe Box A recipe box delivered to your home, will mean that everything is to hand in order to prepare a delicious and healthy meal. No traipsing around the supermarket to buy ingredients when you can hardly walk around the house, nor defaulting to a take-away. This is the perfect gift for when baby arrives too as even dad can't go wrong with dinner when all the ingredients are measured out and simple recipe instructions available to follow!
  5. A Pregnancy Pillow Most sleep deprived pregnant women swear by these, and even if they already own one, another will be just as welcome. 

So when your next invited to a baby shower why not think mummy instead of baby and give a gift which will stand out in your friends memory for years to come! 


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