It's Nutrition and Hydration Week!

This week is Nutrition and Hydration week, so we thought we’d jump on this one because of its relevance to skin health.  We love to educate and the benefits of eating and drinking healthily has such a massive impact that we wanted to share it with you.

What we put on our skin on the outside is massively important as the wrong creams and lotions can wreak havoc and leave the skin feeling and looking very compromised.  However, rebalancing the skin from the inside is going to reach cells that it is impossible for topical skincare to reach. Also, our skin portrays our general health and if we are eating badly then our skin will represent that on the outside, acting like a mirror.  We have an internal Eco System.

One of our favourite supplements that we recommend for EVERYONE is Skin Youth Biome from the Advanced Nutrition Programme.  This supplement has a unique combination of good bacteria specifically developed to target skin.  It has full scientific studies into the strains of bacteria and has formulated from 5 billion active cultures.  WOW!  So, what will this do for our skin?  Independent research and studies showed significant improvement in hydration, wrinkle depth and skin integrity, whilst there were also small improvements in smoothness and elasticity.

Microbiome has become hot in the skin industry of late as we are all discovering new ways of keeping young.  If our microbiome isn’t functioning properly then this can lead to several issues such as:  Immune System disorders, inflammation, fatigue, moodiness, inflammation, issues with metabolism as well as skin concerns such as problematic skin and ageing.

It all must start from within.


Water isn’t as sexy as this supplement, but the results that it provides the skin is definitely sexy.  As well as flushing out toxins, water is essential for the skin to stay plump and youthful.  Drinking water will hydrate the skin, but one of the most important serums for this is Hyaluronic Acid.  We absolutely love Hyaluronic Acid because it is suitable for every skin type.

This isn’t a type of acid that will strip the skin.  In fact, Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally by the skin cells and we need it to maintain moisture.  In fact, and here’s the really sexy part, Hyaluronic Acid holds a thousand times its weight in water.  Hyaluronic Acid acts like the ultimate skin drink, plumping out lines and wrinkles, even deeper ones.  It also has anti-oxidant properties so acts to protect the skin.

If you’re looking to add a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to your skincare regime, then Environ’s Hydrating Serum is just what you are looking for.  This high quality, pure Hyaluronic Acid is applied to the skin underneath your other creams.  Try it, you’ll be astonished by the results.


Why is it important to take supplements for the skin and general health?

There is a lot of noise around supplements and whether they really work and whether or not we need them.  There is a lot of information out there that offers conflicting advice, and this just exasperates the confusion.

It is proven fact that we need vitamins to maintain health and stave off disease.  However, if we are getting a healthy diet do we really need supplements for health or for skin?  The answer is most definitely YES.  What you have to remember is that supplements aren’t a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but just as the word says, they are there to supplement it. This means that it completes (or enhances) something else when added to it.  In this case, your diet. We need so much more than the recommended daily allowance of vitamins to really optimise health and skin.  The RDA is really there as a guide to help save off major diseases such as Scurvy or Rickets, but if we really want to ensure that we are at our optimum then we need more.

Here are several reasons why you should supplement daily.

1.      With the importing of food and it not arriving on our plate as fresh as it could, then our sources of nutrition aren’t as sufficient as they once were.  Important nutrients are lost through growing conditions, storage, cooking and refining.

2.      Our lifestyles are busier and are affected by technologies that also put stress on our systems.

3.      You won’t get optimal results on your skin just by applying creams.  We need to feed the skin from within as well to really make transformations.  Combining superior nutrition with superior skincare will give you the best results in the shortest period of time.

4.      Nutrition is fundamentally involved at every stage of skin development.  Vitamins feed the skin over the entire body reaching even the deeper layers of the skin. 

5.      It is vital for boosting our immune systems and maintaining homeostasis in our bodies.

6.      Many of us are deficient in Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight and spending time outdoors.

7.      Medications can really deplete our nutrients.

So what supplements should you be taking?  This is a very personal choice and depends on what your concerns are, so a consultation is key.  Vitamin A is the most important vitamin for the skin.  95% of people don’t get the RDA of Vitamin A in their diet.  However, by combining Vitamin A with a combination of phyto-nutrients will bring about truly amazing transformations.  Omega 3 and 6 combined is excellent for dehydrated skin and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

If you are requiring vitamins for maintaining health, again it depends on what you are wanting to address. At this time of the year, when immune systems can be compromised, then I recommend a combination of a high quality, high strength Vitamin C supplement, along with Colostrum-C.  Colostrum is the substance produced by mammals in the first hours after giving birth.  It naturally contains immunoglobulins which is the most common antibody in the body and are very important in fighting bacterial and viral infections.

Here at Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty we recommend supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme.  Why have we chosen these over the myriad of supplements on the market?  The Advanced Nutrition Programme follows the HFMA (Health Food Manufacturers Association) guidelines which means:

·       They are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

·       They source the best quality bulk ingredients

·       They have routine Laboratory checks

·       They have the best quality ingredients without artificial additives.  Free from artificial preservatives, colours, flavouring, PCBs and fillers with no added sugar, salt, soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose or dairy products.

·       Omegas are Epax™, which use an advanced purification and concentration technology.

·       There is research behind each ingredient to identify effective levels

·       The Advanced Nutrition Programme is committed to promoting environmental awareness.  Please watch the YouTube video to see more about their endeavours.

If you would like to find out more about how supplements can help your skin and wellbeing then please call us on 01273 270709 and arrange a consultation.  We would be more than happy to help.

How to treat problem skin and acne successfully without resorting to medication

Problem skin and acne blights many a person’s life and it is a condition that we see much of in our salon. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t a condition that affects only teenagers but also many adults too suffer with this debilitating condition.  It is believed that as much as ¾ of people between the ages of 11 – 30 will have acne at some point in this period.

The skin which is the largest organ of the body is designed to protect us and our inner organs.  Because it is the outer organ, it is the most visible and therefore when the skin is compromised it affects us both physically and mentally. The anxiety caused by the appearance of problem skin can overwhelm an individual and many resort to medication in an attempt to find a cure. Understanding how our skin works and how problem skin develops is the first step anyone with this issue needs to address.

How Do Spots Occur On Our skin?

Human skin has tiny holes in it called pores.  These are connected to sebaceous glands which produce oil (sebum).  This oily fluid carries dead skin cells up to the surface of the skin, and when they become blocked, spots occur that cause a blockage of oil under the skin.

Propionibacterium acnes is a type of bacteria that lives in the skin.  There are different strains of the P.acnes bacteria and these can aggravate an immune response that cause acne.

What Causes Acne?  

There is no definitive answer and there could be one cause or a variety of causes.  

Environmental factors can contribute, so it is important to look at this when we perform a consultation.  We need to know the conditions that you are faced with every day so that we can address this if necessary.  Links have now been made between acne and a high GI diet (high in carbs and sugar). Consumption of dairy products has also been shown to have a direct effect on acne.

Hormones are also believed to be a contributing factor, particularly a rise in the Androgen levels.  This can cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge, producing more oil, breaking down the skin cell wall within the pores and causing a rise in bacteria.

You will find that most make-up on the market today will have a high chemical content.  These chemicals can aggravate the skin and block the pores.

Genetic factors can also contribute as can some medications.

Can Acne Be Cured?

In regards to treatment, at this time no-one can claim to cure acne!  But we can give it a helping hand.  By completing a thorough consultation, looking at all the factors that may be contributing to the condition, we can make recommendations based on our findings.

What Can Be Done To Help Treat Acne?

Vitamin A is known to be successful with helping with this condition.  Most medications prescribed by the doctors are formed from Vitamin A (Retin A)  Unfortunately, whilst they can be highly successful, they have a myriad of side effects, including making the skin super sensitive and play havoc with our mental health.

Environ products contain the highest form of Vitamin A that you can find in a cream before going onto medications.  This form of the vitamin is a form that is naturally found in the body, but when absorbed into the skin converts to Retin A, but without any of the harmful side effects!  This has got to be a winner.


Feeding the skin from the inside is equally important and this is where we can approach it with Skin Accumax from the Advanced Nutrition Programme.  Containing a patented mix of Vitamin A and DIM (a nutrient found in Broccolli), clinical trials have been carried out which demonstrate the success of this supplement.

Mild skin peels using the Environ Cool Peel System, really help to sterilise the skin and again has huge benefits.  This can be carried out as a salon treatment, but also used at home to continue its effects.

It can also be worth looking at food intolerances, and we can guide you towards tests that can show you which foods you are intolerant to, and then this can help with making some lifestyle changes.

What Can We Do To Help?

You are welcome to come in for a consultation in our Brighton salon so that we can help you put a plan of action into place based on your personal needs.

The Importance of Internal Vitamins in Skincare

The Importance of Internal Vitamins in Skincare

Vitamins are well known for their health benefits internally, but what about the effects they can have on the skin?  The skin is the outer most organ of the body, and the vitamins that you take for health benefits have to travel through the body and other organs before reaching the skin.  Vitamins that have the most effects on the skin are formulated in a way that maximises the absorbency into the skin.  This means ensuring that the vitamins are at optimum levels and of excellent quality, as well as being mixed with other anti-oxidants to ensure maximum efficiency.

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