Our Top Tips on Planning Your Bridal Makeup

How you look on your wedding day is one of the greatest concerns for every bride-to-be. It is common for brides anxiety to overtake her feelings of excitement.

Although some anxiety about how you will look on your wedding is only normal, remember the most important fact is your husband-to-be fell in love with you not your looks, and he is going to think you are the most beautiful person in the world on the day no matter what!

That been said carefully planning your bridal makeup will truly help relieve some of your pre-wedding nerves. With many brides coming through our doors every year we have prepared our our top tips on planning your bridal makeup; which will hopefully help you plan this vital task and in turn calm those unnecessary worries.

Book in Advance!

Don’t leave choosing who will do your wedding makeup to the last minute. Book your make-up artist as soon as you have set the wedding date and where possible get it booked in a year or more in advance to be on the safe side. The best bridal makeup artists can be booked a year in advance!

Plan and Book Your Trial Sessions

You must book a date for makeup trial session six months before your wedding. Simply fix a date for around 6-8 weeks before your wedding and get it tied in with your Hen night or the dress rehearsal or dress fitting day to get maximum benefit from the trial and also get some feedback from your closest friends.

Prepare Your Skin in Advance

Planning your bridal trial makeup well in advance gives you time to implement any advice given by your makeup artist at the trial to get your skin in prime condition. Glowing skin as a base will only enhance your makeup. It may be worth investing in a bridal beauty package which includes facial treatments in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding.

Professionally Prepare Your Eyebrows

If you are having brows shaped for the day also consider getting them professionally done before the makeup trial session , that way you will have a clear picture of how you look on the BIG day.

Look for Inspiration for Your Make Up Style

Go online and search for images of the your ideal make-up look or style. A great place to look is on Pinterest where there is entire photo boards dedicated to bridal makeup. Choose the ones that you love the most and create your own board to show your makeup artist at your trial. Our top tip for your inspiration search is to look for images that are similar to your hair and skin tone.

Consider the Whole Picture

If you are thinking of getting a false tan, eyelash extensions or indeed changing your style or colour of your hair cut, it would be better to have this done before your makeup trial date. This will enable you to see the whole picture, how you will actually look on the day itself.

Take Your MakeUp Along To Your Trial

Take your makeup bag to show the make-up artist what you currently wear; this will give them a good guide to the level of makeup you feel comfortable wearing and the colours and tones you normally turn to.

Consider Your Bridesmaids Makeup Also

It is easy to forget about your bridesmaids when planning your makeup but it is worth considering how their makeup will look on the day also. Cost is always a factor but maybe your bridesmaids should also have their makeup applied by the same artist on the day to ensure uniformity in style and colours.

Getting your wedding makeup just right is indeed a very important aspect of your special day. So go ahead and take these tops tips on board from our makeup experts here at Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty whilst planning your Bridal Makeup to ensure you are perfectly polished and camera ready for your wedding day!