Bespoke Beauty Packages for the Brighton Groom!

Although much focus at a wedding is on how beautiful the Bride looks, the Groom’s appearance should not go forgotten! At Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty in Brighton we have taken big steps in encouraging men to take pride in visiting our salon to take care of their grooming and beauty needs. As it will probably be the most photographed day of a man’s life we feel that more Groom’s should be emboldened to have their pre-wedding beauty needs professionally taken care of.

So what kind of beauty needs should a Groom consider before his big day? Well to start with a facial would be appropriate to ensure glowing unblemished skin.  Facial hair should also be groomed in particular eyebrows should be professionally shaped and tamed.

Let’s not forget the Groom’s hands which will also be heavily photographed with the ceremonial exchange of wedding rings. Yes, it is ok for a man to have a manicure, in fact it is more than ok, a man with shaped nails and soft exfoliated skin is both healthy and sexy.

A Groom’s feet may not be seen by the wedding party unless the wedding is on a beach of course but pedicured feet will be admired by the bride before the night is through! It is also such a relaxing treat before the big day.

Talking about relaxation, the bride is not the only one who may suffer from pre-wedding nerves or anxiety. The Groom could also benefit from some massage therapy particularly the day before the wedding when everything can become very stressful and overwhelming.

Of course every groom is different and will want or require different treatments. We have put together a basic Groom beauty package we have affectionately named our Romeo package. This includes a Male Manicure, a Pedicure, an Environ Purifying Facial Treatment and a

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage which can be enjoyed a day or two before the wedding. We welcome Grooms-to-be to avail of this beauty package or to come in for a consultation in the weeks leading up to the wedding and together we can create a bespoke package to suit their individual needs.