5 Great Reasons to Send a Gift to Someone You Love

All of us enjoy receiving a gift from someone we love and some of us really enjoy giving gifts. Here at our beauty salon in Brighton we see clients every week who have been given a gift of a beauty treatment or a gift voucher to spend on some beauty treats. In our experience these gifts always bring delight to the recipient!

On the subject of giving we have compiled a list of 5 great reasons to send a gift to someone you love!

Just because you love them.

Whether it's their birthday, graduation, anniversary, new job, new baby etc a gift can help them celebrate.

No better way to show your truly sorry than with a gift.

A gift is a great way to say thank you.

When someone you love is feeling blue a gift can help cheer them up.

If you are stuck for some beauty gift ideas here are some of our suggestions!

You are looking for a birthday gift for your mum

So your mum is of course wonderful and always helping everyone else and doesn't really treat herself so you want to indulge her with a relaxing treatment. How about a CACI Non Sugical Face Lift or CACI Ultra Anti-Ageing Facial...

You are looking for a baby shower gift for your pregnant friend

So you could go with one of the usual gifts like a baby outfit, nursery accessories or toys or you could make your gift very memorable for your pregnant friend and treat her to a pregnancy massage

Your looking for an Anniversary Gift for your hardworking husband 

Men are not always keen to suggest their desire for a massage but if offered one would rarely turn it down and most certainly enjoy it. How about giving them a gift of a Hot Stone Fusion Massage...

You are looking for a gift to cheer up your young teenage daughter struggling at school

Maybe your teenage daughter is struggling at school due to exams or even bullying and you want to cheer them up with a special gift. How about a professional make-up lesson...

You are looking for a gift for your girlfriends graduation

So she is beauty obsessed and you want to give her something she will go WOW you know me so well! How about a gift of an eyelash extension treatment or a spray tan...

You are looking for a gift to apologise to your wife!

So you need to say sorry to your wife and flowers just not going to cut it this time! How about a luxury manicure...

There lies just a few of our suggestions, feel free to browse our online store for more treatment gift ideas. We look forward to welcoming you or your gift recipient at our relaxing beauty salon in Brighton very soon!