The Importance of CPD in Beauty Salons

CPD?  What’s that?  It’s a term used for “Continual Professional Development”.  It is important in most careers to keep up to date, refresh skills and to stay at the top of the game.  The beauty industry is one of the fastest changing industries that I know of!  Technologies, products and application techniques tend to change regularly.  I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in 1988.  When I first set up for myself I drew on the experience I had through my college training and through working in salons.  If I hadn’t ever then developed myself by attending seminars, workshops, other training courses, reading professional magazines and networking, I would still only be able to offer the treatments that were around in the 80’s!

As a salon owner, not only is it important for me to keep up to date and then pass this knowledge onto my staff, but it is also important that they are sent on training courses, encouraged to read professional trade magazines and research on the internet and find out what other salons are up to.

Back in the 80’s beauty was much more a luxury.  Treatments were luxurious and pampering, and if bikini waxing was embarked on then it would just be a quick tidy round the pant line!  Now, we have a new era of results driven treatments that have been developed, as technologies and treatment ingredients have become ever more sophisticated.  Machines drive in our facial products so that they can really work on the deeper layers of the skin.  Intimate waxing has become mainstream with Hollywoods and Brazilians being extremely popular.  Even massage has been developed to enable pain relief, rather than just a fluffy treatment to relax to.  Pampering is still part of many salons main menus, but the industry has definitely moved on, as the consumer has become savvier!

Good training is crucial, and I would advise you to ask to see certificates if you are unsure!  The Beauty Industry is still largely unregulated and there are lots of “therapists” offering treatments without any basic qualifications, or just having been on a day’s training course!  Intimate waxing shouldn’t be undertaken by someone who just has a waxing certificate.  It needs to be a specific intimate waxing course.

So take your time, look around and find a salon that suits you in terms of the treatments on offer and qualifications held by the staff.  I would also be looking for a salon that invests in its staff offering CPD and quality products.