The Best Eyelash Extensions

There is definitely a quality difference between lash extensions depending on where you get them.  This can be down to the skills of the lash technician performing the treatment, or down to the brand that they use.

Having been in the Beauty Industry for 28 years, I have seen, worked with and researched many brands.  Last year we came across Novalash, the number one American brand, which is brand new in the UK.

One of Novalash’s key features is it’s adhesive.  Novalash has developed it’s own adhesive, which is far superior to the adhesives of other brands that often import them from Asia, and can be quite weak.  Touch up procedures were required after 2 weeks, and often after one month it may have be required to have a complete new set.  Now, with Novalash, infills are normally only required after a month, with lots of the original lashes remaining, so this makes for cheaper maintenance and happy clients!

Another key feature is that they can get wet straight away, which is very different from other brands.  In fact we use a spray of water to help set the lashes on completion.

Who has lash extensions?

There are many different types of people that lash extensions are suitable for.  The main ones are:

  • People on the go with limited time.
  • The busy Mum
  • The athlete
  • Anyone wanting to achieve a ‘glamorous’ look
  • Anyone wanting a natural look.
  • Even men often love to have extensions too!

Many clients worry that their extensions may look unnatural.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  We get more clients wanting a very natural look.  The lashes are a mink effect so are really soft, non-scratchy and very natural.  Of course, if a more dramatic look is required then this can be provided as well.

Here are a couple of images of before and after lash extensions.