How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding Day

One of the biggest days of our lives is our wedding day, and being on show most of us want to be looking and feeling at our best. Beauty Treatments are hugely popular just before the event, with many people opting to have their make-up done for them, along with waxing and nail services. Some even find huge relief from a massage as the day looms as a way of de-stressing and taking some time out!

What about services that can of huge benefit leading up to the event. One facial in the week before isn’t going to give us that desired effect of glowing, blemish free and healthy skin. In fact, it can have the opposite effect as many facials can be deep cleansing, and therefore if you aren’t one for having regular facials it can draw things out and therefore gain the odd ‘spot’!

So what is the best way to ensure that our skin is looking its optimum, so that we really do look and feel our best on a day where we are on display? There are numerous products and treatments on the market all offering to provide us with the miracle we are looking for, but this isn’t always the case. In fact the cosmetics market it one of the biggest minefields, and there are very few products that offer us more than just moisturising our skin (in fact some can have the opposite effect), when we are looking for a product that can really bring about the results and changes that we are looking for. I don’t understand why people will just walk into a department store with all their many different products and buy from there. There is so much choice, how do you know which ones are better?

By buying from a skincare professional within a salon, you are in the best hands. As therapists we learn all about the skin and how it functions. If we have done our research correctly and chosen a product based on what the skin really needs in the way of active ingredients to keep it healthy, then you should be in the right place to choose a truly effective skincare programme.

We work on the ‘feed, fortify and finish’ philosophy. This means that we approach the skin from all angles, firstly by ‘feeding it’ from the inside with supplements from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. These supplements are skin specific with the ingredients designed to provide the skin with the nutrients that it needs. Secondly, ‘fortifying’ the skin from the outside with Environ skincare, which have active ingredients that are naturally found in the skin, and are clinically trialed and medically proven to repair and normalise the skin. Finally with Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup which is a healthy makeup for the skin as it is full of natural ingredients and provides sun protection. Also because they are made from the highest quality minerals on the market, the range does not congest or irritate the skin.

Your programme will be completely tailor made for your requirements. This is based on your skin, time and budget. Not one size fits all and you are an individual with your own needs. It is best to start a few months preferably before the big day to give us chance to work our magic.

I can’t praise Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio enough! The staff have an extremely professional attitude but whilst still being incredibly friendly and approachable. I have visited the salon for various treatments (electrolysis, manicure etc.) and after Sarah’s recommendations of the Environ products I decided to start using the skincare range and booked some Environ facial & peel sessions before my wedding day. Being a smoker and having a more mature skin at the age of 41 I wasn’t expecting major changes in the timescale I had. However I was amazed at how quickly my skin felt plumper, glowing and more youthful. My skin felt & looked wonderful on my wedding day which was a huge relief as my husband is 12 years my junior! Phew!!! Thanks Sarah & Sophie. I would highly recommend having a course of Environ facials. They would be beneficial to anyone. If you want to improve your skin texture and appearance then book NOW! Once again thanks so much girls!
— Elke Healey