Our Ultimate Top Ten Beauty Tips

We believe that the best beauty treatments come from within, and most of these powerful beauty treatments are available to everyone, for free. Even if you follow just some our simple lifestyle advice, to encourage and enhance natural beauty, you will be amazed by the results.

Here are our Top Ten Beauty Tips

1 - Get Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep is not a myth. When we sleep, our skin renews itself, as do the vital organs in the body. A good night's sleep results in rested plump skin and sparkling eyes.

2 - Feed The Skin

Feed your skin from the inside with the Advanced Nutrition Programme. Such a skin supplement provides micro nutrients, as well as vital components such as Biotin and Collagen that really make a difference to the skin, hair and nails.

3 - Fortify The Skin

Fortify the skin from the outside by applying Environ skincare, specifically designed to nourish and protect.

4 - Finishing Touches

If you use make-up, we strongly recommend a natural mineral make-up, such as Jane Iredale mineral make-up, to ensure you are not putting any nasty chemicals on the skin.

5 - Eat Healthily
We are what we eat. Eating a healthy diet high in plant foods and superfoods will show on the outside. Smoothies are a great way of getting a superfood boost in an easy and convenient way.

6 - Regular Exercise

Taking regular exercise, even walking for 1/2 an hour per day, will get the heart and blood pumping around the body, helping prevent cellulite and dull skin from sluggish circulation.

7 - Time Out and Relaxation

Stress shows up on the face in the form of wrinkles, spots and dull skin. Taking time out to relax and restore balance will have a beneficial effect on your face, as well as on your wellbeing as a whole.

8 - Laughter

Laughing gives a youthful glow, there is no doubt. In fact, it is said that deep belly laughter massages your insides and is a great health and beauty booster.

9 - Be Positive

Having a general positive outlook in life makes you more happy and relaxed overall, which shows in your face. Remember, stress shows up on our face in the form of wrinkles and skin conditions, so keep unnecessary stress to a minimum.

10 - Sex

Sex is actually a great beauty booster. Enjoyable sex gets your circulation going, releasing feel good endorphins and relaxing the body and mind.

Well there you have our top ten beauty tips! Feel free to comment below as we would love to hear your top beauty tips too!